Monday, July 28, 2008


Our decision to stay is about 98% complete (and for 2 non-decisive people, this is about as close as it's going to get - not to mention, an amazing feat in itself ;)

This week we will call a few more contractors to get estimates for adding another floor and sunroom and we will be on our way! Very exciting ~ the not so exciting part? We basically need to pack up the entire house since the roof will be off while a metal one is put on (*so* handy in winter). Although there is still some discussion around the 'garage issue' (hmm, more rooms or a larger garage? ;) we should have this all ironed out after we chat with some builders.

It will be interesting to see how more space changes (if at all) the dynamics between us all that we have become so accustomed to. I wonder how much the 3 younger ones will really spread out into their spaces. They have always run together as a little unit, really never more than feet apart while home. Something about potentially seeing that change makes me sad. However, we will be concious of fostering their closeness in other ways and keeping that unit running ~

Looks like I had better take note with fresh eyes all the nuances of living in this little space while these moments last :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Parade Season

Otherwise known as "where we get candy" ~
Starting with Memorial Day in May, highlighted with a couple of 4rth parades in July and culminating with the grand and always creative Old Hallowell Day parade, our kids receive a bounty of artificial goodness which rivals Halloween.
This year we thought we'd try a new tactic to avoid the windfall...why not view the parade - from the end...*after* all of the sugared rain has fallen? Well, we tried this with the last two we attended and found the joke was on us - here is why...lots of those generous parade participants had been rationing their tootsie rolls, lollipops, smarties and other coveted candies. By the end of the route, they didn't want to be left with this bounty and heartily chucked it by the fistfulls straight into the happy hands of our 3 little ones...these kids couldn't have planned it better...
Of course, we could always opt not to go, but where would be the fun in that? We'd miss gnomes dancing to "Staying Alive", gals in full renaissance dress and the beloved bagpipe players - kilts and all. Also, we would miss moments we love amid the sugar harvest like watching our 4 year old walk over to her 'often reserved in candy collecting' older siser and, by her own volition, sweetly hand over some choice bits she had collected from the pavement. These images in themselves are worth braving the heat, sweat, traffic and inevitable sugar crash :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

How decisions are made...

In small increments...magical moments that sear a time and place into our minds, binding people and environments into one fleeting emotion that finds a home within the softest spaces of our souls.
Friends often make up these moments of beauty ~ and we thank you :) 15 kiddos and 5 mamas joined us yesterday for a day of swimming, playing, laughing and listening. Or, as my 5 year old described it to her father, "We had a beach, swimming and pizza party!". Yes my love we did... and thank you so much to the friends who trekked 30-45minutes out of their way to spend the day with us - xoxo
In our hearts, this created another vote for the 'stays' over the 'nays'...thank you for reminding me for how lucky we are for this place we call home ~

Monday, July 14, 2008

Contemplating ~

Maybe this is nesting or maybe it's just...*time* ~ either way all I can think of these days is home. Now, not just a house but 'home'. This place is where 3 of our babies learned to talk, walk, crawl and explore and where our 14 year old has been trying out some new wings of freedom; kyaking the lake and having time with friends or just solo time to *be*.
Those big pine trees in the picture? As the breeze blew the tallest tops of those on a warm fall day 5 years now 7 year old looked up into the swaying wonder and said slowly..."The trees are breathing". The beauty in his sweet voice as he said this...
Memories like this fill my mind as we contemplate moving...Some would say we are insane :) Life on a lake, the beauty, the opportunities...but at the same time - the same word pops up again and again, 'space'. Of course, building on is an option but here's the trick ;) The layout is a *bit* funky for that ~ we would still have some issues (not that we expect perfection). Then, of course, if we sold - why there would be a chuck of our new house we wonder...we contemplate...reconsider...evaluate... (my husband and I that is :). The kid's vote? Well, they vote a hardy 'stay' - shared room (for our youngest 3), 1 bath and all ;)
To tell the truth...I am swaying that way myself these days too :)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Outside Play

1. Washing doll clothes
2. Mud puddle fairy houses
3. Digging for treasure
4. Bug Hunting
5. Playground Abandon
All good fun :)

Shaving cream fun ~

What to do on a hot day when you just don't feel like heading to the beach...*again*?
Mess around with some cool, refreshing shaving cream - but be prepared for the cleanup. Well worth it though :)

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