Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Transitions ~


Maybe if I do this again, I'll choose not to be pregnant...yes?

Not exactly one of those petite preggos (I tend to carry large ;) I'm waddling around at 6 months with a 9 month girth. Slowly...slowly moving along ;)

Loving our new place though. So very, very grateful and falling in love. This was not love at first sight so it's special in that kind of way. Rather than waning, this love just keeps waxing and growing....

Just as I feel fond, but a little odd going back to our old home to pack boxes and clear things out....it feels odd to come back to this blog space and try to write ...'we are not in the hollow anymore, Toto' and writing about happenings in our new home in this blog seems....awkward...

So we are transitioning... if you have followed along here, please feel free to join me with a cup of tea over at our new space where there will be plenty to share....recipes, crafting, and some surprises. Here's your invitation! :


Now the word "farm" is assuredly stretching it...still, there will be chickens, (eggs!), gardening and plans for a stand with handcrafted goodness and yummy treats. Along with the bits of homeschooling and other adventures along the way ~would love to see you stop by ~

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Search...

It would be no exaggeration to say that our search led us to peek into possibilities (at different levels of depth, of course) from New Zealand to Alaska, to the most eastern point in the US, right down to houses a stones throw from us. We looked at towns where old friends are thriving, to communities where we didn't know a single soul. Planned communities and lots of land were appealing but alas, economically out of reach.

In the end, what we found was just outside our door.

Well, almost...7 miles to be exact in a favorite little town with some of things we love so much ~ water, a library, a cafe, a store, post office, farms ~ and all within walking distance. What we were looking for was under our noses the whole time.

Much like how we found this house years ago, the new house was discovered on a whim. Ten years ago our real estate agent handed us a piece of paper and said, 'you might want to just look at this one' (we had looked at many houses and were just  not finding the right fit ). Later, I said "Oh, that one." to my husband in an obvious tone of disapproval (I had seen it online many times and was not moved in the least). Still, the water was appealing...so we came, checked it out , used some imagination (skylights to open up the dark space, a garage for some storage) and we made it work,... for 10 years.

This new house? I had seen it online many times, it was dated, less bedrooms than we were looking for and frankly more than we wanted to spend. Then? The price went down... well now, it started it look a little more attractive at that point. I called our agent and asked whether there might be a room that could be used for a bedroom but not listed as one. Her answer?  Why yes it did.We scheduled an appointment (2 different ones in fact), used some of that imagination, saw how sound and well loved she had been, took a good look around at the location and that was it...and here we are...(in our old house...for now..)


...and even unpacking with the "help" of some small hands...

Friday, November 12, 2010

One Week...


..and the shift begins.

We will not leave this space in a flash of motion but, rather, more like a slow dance with a slight twirl out the door. Boxes are being packed, then will be moved, emptied and brought back to be filled again...it will be a slow, thoughtful process. A long goodbye so much deserved for this space that has been so very good to us and where we grew... and were shaped... to become the family we are now. We won't be keeping it (2 mortgages on one income is not something our finances gave a nod to ;) but, we'll be readying this space to become available for another family's joy next spring. A long, sweet goodbye indeed.

A few surprised messages have come my way along the lines of , "moving? why!?"..."what about the water, the simplicity...etc."

My answer would simply be," it is time...". We're not moving for the space to store one more bookcase, or to stack more vintage dishes or even to no longer wait in line for the bathroom (although I will admit, that will be a definite bonus ;)....it's really about space to simply breathe....

It sort of looks a little like this ~ For instance, my view on a 16 year old sharing a room with his 10 year old brother? Potentially not much for fun either (or for their mama ;). Or, a 10 year old sharing  a room with his 2 younger sisters? They have done well, goodness knows they have...but it is time...time to breathe, create, dream a little more freely...Oh, I am sure I will wake to find a little boy sleeping on the floor of his sister's room many a morning but, as they get older a little breathing room is now in order...

Also? It's not simple anymore. During the last year or so, I found myself expending more energy trying to make this space work than actually enjoying being in it. That just didn't seem right. The balance was off. I tried downsizing the 'stuff'. That helped but, wasn't really the root of the problem. Organizing and processes? Indeed, that was and continues to be a point of growth ;) In the end, it was really about the space to Breathe and Be. When so much time is spent trying to keep clear one space that functions as 5 or more at once, then something has to give and I realized it was time. Time with my family, time to plan...time to breathe. So it was time.

Over the next week or so I will pop in and share some things ~ then? This space will begin anew, somewhere else, under a different name with some exciting (for us!) prospects...still, for now I'll enjoy this woodstove a bit and pack a few more boxes (hmmm,...maybe...).

Friday, November 5, 2010

Small joys...

this week?

pigtails to start ,easily.

my 8 year's old declaration "i really love my new sassy shoes"..i do too baby. although, i have to admit, i would fall flat on my face in heels...

packed boxes...(oh, did I mention?)

More on that next week...

Anything bringing you a bit of joy lately?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Of late...

 Last minute costumes...

Early morning snow....

Learning the ropes of trick or treats...(with, or without a costume...)

Friday, October 1, 2010

This morning...

My morning:: outiside
* signs of play.
* a deck full of freshly blown pine needles.
* damp, fall colors
* wood, standing at the ready (haven't used it yet though!)
* 2 little ladies eager to say hello.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Folks who check out Maine blogs in the fall are likely to see loads of pics of the fair...there are always bound to be a few here as well.

For our family, we like our fair in a good 3 day dose (although I have to admit to skipping one day this year for some mama down time (had a date with some intense cleaning  ;). There is so much to see and do that it takes about that long to take it all in. Especially with little ones in tow who do love that children's area...and of course the sliding hill....

Welcome back sweet autumn...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Where we have been ~

Sometimes I bring the camera, then just don't use it.
I sit and watch them on the beach, in the water, discovering a new playground, eating fish on a wharf - and just be.
Somedays, that's better than 'good enough'....

Still there are times when I snap and am so thankful I do (because my memory? it's just not what it used to be!...)

A little snippet of late:

lazy lakeside days with friends, impromptu trips to the coast, town hunting for the right spot, birthdays, family visits, more birthdays. life is,  so very rich.

and i dropped my days ~ just going with the flow from here on out. i guess that's how i roll. whenever i try to organize myself like that? just doesn't work for me...i'm goofy like that.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Snippets :: Joy in the Stillness

Fun with Karen at her inspiring workshop ~

Laying a little low and taking things slow...

I realized lately that I often move fast. Too fast when I think about it. It's hard to notice things at the speed of light..I think there's a blessing in this morning, noon and night nausea. Forces me to just sit. Now, not sit and read to them or myself, or sew, or do anything.

Just. Sit.

There is a beauty in stillness that I often forget to appreciate.

Sometimes I need a good kick in the rear to get the message. ;)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Snippets :: These Moments { while they last}

Growing kids and marks that remind us
Excitement over homemade popsicles
Impromptu, late afternoon dips in the lake
Open hearts to new friends
Clean and organized rooms
First thrills of new independence
High chair naps

Capturing, savoring, trying to keep my eyes and heart open to fleeting moments that seem to last forever but, truly, pass all too quickly.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Exploring :: Keeping it Local

Because that's about all this old girl can handle lately.

Just a week ago, I took the pup for a run around a looped trail - twice. in the humidity.
Yesterday? I made it 3/4 of the way up a small mountain and I was toast.

Now, I know there are many, many lovelies who glow with pregnancy (and you ladies rock) but, I need to say :: it totally kicks my ass. I used to joke that it was the influx of all of those feminine hormones in this quasi-tomboyish body of mine. That may not be such a joke. So I keep a lemon wedge close by for a good sniff, try to eat  lots of protein and force myself to move (even if it means the ineviatble).Not that I am complaining now, no way. It's just, some of our up and coming exploring photos in the months to come may be more of a local nature - like our backyard. Good thing we can always find more rocks to turn over,  time to check out the breeze in the trees and more bits to discover!

Here is a little of late::

Anything you've been exploring of late?

Monday, July 12, 2010

This House :: One More

Can we fit one more?

A new adventure begins, next Feb/March!

Truly, the final chapter in our book of babies ~

BTW, aren't those new tests nifty?

Anything new in your neck of the woods?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Chaos::This Mess

Have I mentioned that organization is not my strong point?

It really isn't. Truly. That isn't to say that I can't learn though, or at least work my booty off trying.

The past month I have been struggling to see the corners of this home with new eyes. Purging, rearranging....rethinking . I've been quite happy with the results and the more I rethink, the more the energy seems to flow for new ideas. Funny how it works that way, huh?

With one loft, a bedroom and  a bathroom down - now its time to tackle this kitchen. Ah yes, the kitchen.

My kitchen? Well, its floor space is "L" shaped and measures less than 6 feet long  and 5 feet wide at its longest point and 3 feet at its shortest - yes, its basically a closet. (I should note that this is actual floor space that I walk on and does not count the space taken up by the fridge, stove and cabinets - these would add, maybe, an extra 4 feet to the length.). While this smaller floor space does make it quick to work in for meal prep - it also makes cooking or baking with more than one kiddo at a time a little tricky - and there is no way someone is doing dishes while I am at the stove. Just. Not. Happening.

It's also the first surface you greet upon entering so, as you can imagine - its become a catch all for, well, everything.

My goal in this next week is to get this counter space spruced up, organized - usable. For next Friday's chronicles, I will post a little looksee update.

Wish me luck ;)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Snippets:: Outside

Hawwwtt. So very, very hot. Humid, sticky hot.
Feeling so grateful to these huge beauties and all of the shade they provide.  Thank you sweet pines.
Bare feet most days - feeling  that cool ground under the toes.

Water - and how we can't seem to get enough of it.

Building forts.

Being outside.  Soaking up as much as we can, whenever we can. These woods, that water.

Reminding myself...

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