Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This tree...if it could speak I wonder about the stories it would tell...

I know we have a few of our own that we tell about this beauty.

It's just a tree right? Oh no, really, it's so much more.

That's why I loved seeing this yesterday.

Yes, they love this tree.

Then of course, it was also just great fun to see how many little arms around the tree it took to make it all the way around...about 6.

This is why we are also so sad...The Great Pine as its always been called, we are told, "Needs to come down". Yes, as in chopped.

Now honestly, we have kind of known this. I mean the way the top of this beauty sways in the wind 12 feet from our house can't be good. See, pines have shallow roots so there really isn't too much holding that baby in place. Still, we just can't seem to do it...This is not a new issue. We were told this 8 years ago but well, its funny what we selectively choose not to acknowledge ;) Lately though, it seems there is something afoot in the universe as the issue has been coming up more and more and in rapid succession...just Monday we had one of the big trees in the yard fall over. This lovely tree had a wonderfully split trunk...unfortunately this bit of distinctive character was also its weakness...

We are literally surrounded by trees. Many of which are just feet from our home. We can actually hear some creaking in the wind at night when all is quiet...just amazing...

15 Years...

And where does it go? I mean really, we hear it all the time...we say it...but really, where does it go? Seems those first days are a slow trickle, anxiously awaiting the first teeth, sporadic crawls and wobbly steps. then after that the jar seems to fills so quickly til we have this container filled with so much life that the lid is ready to fly off...Our oldest is 15 this past week and this just about leaves my head spinning...

These are pictures taken of pictures about 14 years ago on a special beach this little guy and I just about lived on for the first 4 summers of his life...We would wake early, walk downtown to the ferry terminal, ride that boat for about an hour, walk across the island for about 20 minutes to this little white sand beach in Casco Bay. It was a bit of a trek but well worth every second.

This place epitomizes his early childhood for me...exploring, playing...rituals created...long days in the sun. Summer began with our first trip out on the ferry and we said goodbye to the warmer days in the same way with fleeces, blankets and lots of lap time cuddling.

This summer he is excited to introduce this place to his younger siblings. A place they have heard so much about over the years, seen pictures of but can only imagine. The trip will be a bit more adventure with the hour and a half drive down before, coralling everyone onto the ferry and making sure we don't lose anyone overboard. Just the general fun of trekking with 4 more kiddos in tow than I had 15 years ago. Still, there is so much excitement in this trip. Seems even more so than the trips we have taken to Canada and other places. There is something a little magical about this one...think I had better bring a box of tissues...;)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Normalcy ...Indulgence...Peace

When strife hits sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves and the ones we to remember the comfort found in normalcy...the kneading, rising and wonder of a simple loaf of bread...

and to show some love...throw in a little indulgence...

finally, at the end of the find even a little peace in the beauty of these moments we have now...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Off Season




The joy of water

We love the off season here...of course, we like to see our summer friends and marvel at just how much everyone has grown over the winter but...there is something so special about these quiet in-between weeks. The water, too cold to completely submerge oneself into, yet just thrillingly chilly enough to get those toes into. I'm always amazed at how much cold these kids can withstand. Yesterday was about 55 degrees, feels mighty warm too but, that puts the water...well, pretty downright cold...after all, it was a little less than a week ago that the last of the glaciers melted away into the lake...seems these kiddos aren't the only ones braving the cold waters...

There were a couple of Canadian geese hanging out when we first arrived at the beach. In the fall, we always take a moment to say goodbye when we hear their honking overhead, "See you next year!" the kids call. Always a welcome and sure sign of spring when we see their return. Their presence along with the echoing calls of the loons on the lake are seasonal milestones - for some folks, Spring is the babble of peepers - for us, it's always that haunting loon call in the dark of night that tells us, yes - undoubtedly spring is really here.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Hanging on the deck

Treasure hunting


Outside weather is finally here - true outside weather where coats are even optional...

We've been filling it up with birthday celebrations, rediscovering the yard and woods and just plain hanging outside.

Hope the days are sunny in your neck of the woods as well!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Their work, his work, my work....our work.

Balance - such a tricky thing sometimes.

See, I thought my girls would love a chance to play by themselves in their room while their brother and I did some one on one focusing. Their own games, their own rules, no older brothers...ahem, directing their activities ;) Well, you would think but it seems there's something about telling 2 little girls they can do something that must make it that less appealing.

So our solution? Work! And it worked, I tell you. I gave them some highly important duties. Did you know that if you give 2 little girls 2 muffin tins and a huge bowl of buttons this can keep them busy for an hour and a half? I was shocked. I knew they'd be busy but, that long? Wow. We now have buttons sorted into colors which is so nice when I only have a minute or 2 here and there to be able to find just what I need.

They'll be color coding a bit more today with some yummy vintage scraps...hmmm, maybe I'll join them in some of that fabric goodness.

Party update...crowns are finished!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sweet #5

There's a birthday girl in the house...and she knows who she is...;)
The countdown is on, "How many days, mama?"..."6 more days, baby, 5 more days, baby..." She's excited...she knows the fairies are waiting in the wood for this little sprite and her friends to play along...

April is our crazy birthday month. One per week then throw in Easter and a school vacation for the big boy and its just bustling to burst with energy around here.

Sewing by hand, even in smallest snippets of moments, helps to keep me focused and calm about all the plans that need to be made and all the details that really should be coming together by now. Funny thing is, she is just excited with the simplest thing of seeing her friends and having some cake. Helps put it all into perspective really...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Trail

We hit the trail again after a loonnngg absence. The eagle eyes of the little ones were fixed on the slightest differences, "Hey mama, that tree wasn't down before!", and also treasure finds, "Look, a track!" or the lovely gift of a "freckled" leaf.

Beautiful, perfect treasure.

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