Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Where we have been ~

Sometimes I bring the camera, then just don't use it.
I sit and watch them on the beach, in the water, discovering a new playground, eating fish on a wharf - and just be.
Somedays, that's better than 'good enough'....

Still there are times when I snap and am so thankful I do (because my memory? it's just not what it used to be!...)

A little snippet of late:

lazy lakeside days with friends, impromptu trips to the coast, town hunting for the right spot, birthdays, family visits, more birthdays. life is,  so very rich.

and i dropped my days ~ just going with the flow from here on out. i guess that's how i roll. whenever i try to organize myself like that? just doesn't work for me...i'm goofy like that.

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