Saturday, March 15, 2008

Crafting again...

Is soooo nice!
After literally months of not picking up a needle and thread ~ yesterday was a bit of bliss ;)

Friday, March 14, 2008

The spaces between

Radically decluttering ~ ok, well trying to...has given me the chance to see what happens in the small, sweet spaces between all the 'stuff' .I'm seeing so clearly how much we don't need the 'stuff' so much as we need those spaces between to create magical moments of imagination and comforting love :) Before this, I had thought that material goods were a medium for connection - which they can be, there just needs to be...balance ;) In a small space, that need for balance becomes even greater. When the kids are not able to play in their room because it is storing so many toys hence, they don't get played with, then what is the point of having them? The idea of them, that is the point. The idea of what could happen if they are played with, the magic that could be it becomes a matter of what kind and exactly how much magic are we talkin' here? ;)

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