Saturday, May 30, 2009


A vintage, tea stained linen, some hunter green velveteen and a little wooden button to hold it all in place...

So much fun to browse yard sales, thrift stores or Etsy for sweet goodies from days gone by. I love the idea of putting something to use that may otherwise have been sitting in a drawer somewhere or worse yet, a landfill. These little pieces can go onto become a bit of home decor or pieces of handmade craftiness themselves.

And besides all that, it just looks so lovely ~

Friday, May 29, 2009

Fly baby fly...

Today is my sister's 41st birthday ~ this is also the year that her one and only baby will be leaving the nest. So bittersweet for both of them, no doubt.

This was just a little something for her to mark this momentous year in both of their lives...the vintage buttons are a little reminder of the passing of time and the consistency...the enduring quality of some things.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Birthing....Letting Go

There are so many kinds of births, yes?

Seems they all have in common that element of letting go...a need for even a smidge of trust in the universe that things will go as they are meant...that sometimes it's not so much about what we do, but just standing by, letting go and watching life unfold.

Deep thanks to the incredibly supportive, intelligent, creative and yes, even beautiful (how could they have it all?...just amazing ladies they are) who are midwifing GAP (Global Awareness Project)into the world.

For some time I have had this hatchling under my wing, unsure of how the world would receive her... unsure if I was ready to let her go and experience all the complexities of life. The myriad of hopes, sometimes apprehensions and finally wonderment that go along with watching how things often really do unfold with a life of their own...all in their own their own beauty.

I truly feel that this baby has been waiting for just these midwives, this guidance, this support...thank you's an honor...

Hmmmm, and isn't that a lot of pasta salad girls? ;)


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Getting Out

Last night there were some serious squirrelies in our house...
Yes, that's a word by the way. A word we use (at times, more often than others around here) when the kids are just in conflict overdrive. When the pesting, bickering and squabbling reach a crescendo and no longer can be tolerated - then we bolt.

This time around, just an hour before bedtime we decided on a hike - in the light rain.

And you know what...

It was a bit magical.

Something about getting out in all that quiet beauty which offered the perfect balance for spurts of energy and calm reflection. It seemed everyone found a bit of what they needed out there. Then, of course, there were the moments of connection that I think was the root of much of the previous tension...a yearning they had but couldn't quite put into expression.

Here they found the perfect backdrop...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So you didn't hear the sounds of whirring needles? Hmmm, neither did I...;) would be because my machine - well, my bobbin in particular was (to say it nicely) not cooperating. Funny thing is, I was *so* intent on making those pants, that I started hand sewing them. I know, crazy...nothing like a dose of true appreciation for mama life 150 years ago...

I got about as far as sewing together one pair and getting the hem on one leg done...then my fixation peetered out...or maybe it was my time. Either way, I have one nearly done pair of pants for 1 lucky 5 year old and a stack of cut ones for a few other nifty kids ;)

On another note...those trees?

The answer my friend really was creaking in the wind. An old maple feet from our house (one that sounded eerily like a melon when we knocked the bark) was just a bit hollowed out from rot...just a bit....

Luckily no critters lived in this one - and we caught it before it fell on the house from sheer rot...everyday miracles.

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