Friday, June 10, 2011

Peachy Beachy

Loving our new little swimming digs...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

In time

"Mama, let's go to da garden." Sure baby, ...let's.

Garden update as of today? Well, some potatoes found their way into the soil and then we have those ever present raspberries that hopefully my black thumb will not entirely suck the life out of. Fingers crossed on that one. My water mantra doesn't quite work so well on those since I discovered that raspberries don't appreciate too much water - gives them root rot. That's okay though, I'll save that mantra for the tomatoes since they sure do seem to love a good drowning. The 15 little seedlings we have are super leggy and ready to be transplanted. We'll be popping those straight into the ground tomorrow.

When the weather cools a bit from its expected 90 degrees of today, the wee ones and I will venture to a seedling farm close by and pick up some peas and other yummy bits that are not too complicated to grow. Baby steps here; most assuredly.

Yet, the flowers in the garden? Well, they are just about to die for...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In a blink

'Mumma' becomes 'Mom'. Legs elongate. Chub turns to muscle.  The door opens and shuts more often as the years go by.  We now just get snippets of time where once we wondered what to do with the long days of diapers, fevers, learning to read, tantrums, crafting and playing. And in the end, as we wonder how we might shape them and leave the best of ourselves in tiny cracks of their being, we finally see that as they have grown beside us, we've grown even more alongside them

Thursday, June 2, 2011



Hers: She is loving the wonder of her hands lately. The grasp. The look. The taste especially.

Theirs: They sense each others' presence. A mere walk into the room and the wee one's senses are awakened to her big sister's energy. Tummy tickles. Foot kisses. Love.

Moments I try to capture. To remember for them. Someday, helping to guide them back to each other.

Mine: Marveling at how I can never tire of sweet feet. The lack of arch. Foot all chub. Little toes flexing and spreading. Endlessly kissable and fleetingly tiny.

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